Coachability Quotient (CQ) Assessment

So you think you’re highly coachable? Let’s find out.

70% of people think they are more coachable than their leaders think they are. Everyone talks about coachability, but no one actually measures it. Well, no one except us. Enable your team members to uncover their Coachability Quotients (CQ) with the only scientifically-validated assessment on the market. Curious to learn your team’s CQ?

Assessment Overview

The Coachability Assessment uncovers our tendencies with 10 factors that are critical for coachability. 


Skill training recommendations

Insight into personal coachability enablers and derailers 

Your own dashboard to view your results

“I realize I may be quick to discount or dismiss new perspectives and ideas, especially from certain individuals, which may genuinely improve our business and my leadership effectiveness.”

Uncover Your