When you hear the word “consultants," you might wonder: how much do they actually know?

Well, at CCI, the people presenting at the conferences and running the coachability workshops are the same people who are writing the research on coachability. We don’t just package other people’s ideas; we design the scientific studies, capture the data ourselves, and bring these insights into our clients’ organizations. 

Media Appearances

Recent Conference Appearances

We deliver cutting edge talks at major academic and talent management conferences. Honestly, it's kind of a big deal.

Cultivating, Sustaining, and Measuring a Culture of Collaborative Coaching … AND Coachability (2024) – LTEN
High Impact Coaching Techniques: Successes from the Front Lines (2024) – SIOP
When the Apprentice Becomes the Master: Advances in Coachability Research (2024) – APS
Coachability: The Missing Piece of Coaching (2023) – ICF
A Quantitative & Qualitative Case Study on Coachability: The Key to Maximizing Coaching & Driving Sales Results (2023) – LTEN
Brick by Brick: Building a Coachability Culture – Chief Learning Officer
Cultivating Coachability Skills & Cultures across Contexts (2023) – SIOP
Coaching Curveballs (2023) – SIOP
Building a Coachability Culture: A New Catalyst for Impact (2022) – Chief Learning Officer
Defining, Identifying, and Developing Coachability across Organizational Contexts (2022) – SIOP
The Future of Coaching (2021) – SIOP
Employee Coachability: New insights about the overlooked, yet vital ½ of the coaching equation (2021) – LTEN
Lessons from the Zen Master: Why Coachability Matters for Coaches (2024) – LTEN
The Stable Individual Differences Driving Employee Coachability Behaviors (2023) – International Journal of Evidence-Based Coaching and Mentoring* (Link)
Employee Coachability: New Insights to Increase Employee Adaptability, Performance, and Promotability in Organizations (2021) – International Journal of Evidence-Based Coaching and Mentoring* (Link)
Coachability@Work® Assessment Technical Report (2023)
Coachability: A Catalyst for Your Coaching Culture (2023) – LTEN
Employee Development as a Competitive Advantage (2021) – LTEN
Coachability at Alkermes: Developing Every Employee (2020) – LTEN

Key Publications

When we say we're "thought leaders," we're not just repeating buzzwords-- we've got the receipts to prove it. Read our research and other evidence-based publications on the science of coaching and coachability.

*indicates peer-reviewed publication

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