Meet Our Team

Our team boasts the ultimate blend of perspectives. We have the organizational psychologist who “wrote the book” (set for release in 2025!) on employee coaching and coachability. We have people who have coached at the highest levels of sport (ever heard of the World Cup?) and seasoned business leaders with decades of sales leadership experience. So, we know some things about how to build top-tier teams, and we’re eager to share all our secrets with your organization.

Jake Weiss, Ph.D.
President and CEO
Marcia McDermott
Director, Coaching & Coachability Programming
Tony Chambers
Director, Commercial & Sales Effectiveness
Neal Outland, Ph.D.
Director, Assessments,
Analytics, & AI
Gabriel Plummer, Ph.D.
Senior Consultant, Organizational Effectiveness, Coaching, & Coachability
Lauren Zervos, Ph.D.
Senior Consultant, Coachability, Change Management, & Learning Design
Mounica Reddy, MBA, M.A.
Senior Consultant, Organizational Effectiveness, Team Dynamics and Coachability, & Analytics
Darby Evans, M.Ed.
Senior Consultant, Instructional Design, Program Development, & Media
Mia Asenjo
Communications Intern

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